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Since Feb'2012, I have not done much baking and stop accepting orders due to family & work commitment. Some of the posts that published in the later date are actually those that I baked for my family members....

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Fruity Fresh Cream Cake (D7)


 This 2.5kg fruit cake was specially made for my parent-in-law. The vanilla flavour fresh cream cake is less creamy and less sweet. Toasted walnut was decorated around the cake.

Fruity Fresh Cream Cake (D6)

I baked 1kg fresh cream cake with fruit topping for my helper on her birthday. She liked it so much.

Dragon Ball - Vegito Fresh Cream Cake

A 2.2kg vanilla flavour fresh cream cake, drawn with Dragon Ball's famous character, Vegito

Chicken Sausage Buns with Cheese Topping

With some left over chicken sausages, I made into buns topped with chicken sausage slices and cheese. Put small amount of mayonnaise on top definitely made it more yummy

Barbeque Pork Buns 2014

My daughter likes barbeque pork very much, so I made her pork buns for her to bring to school.

Pandan Chiffon Cake 2014

A much better and higher chiffon cake (volume) as compared to the one that I baked on year 2010, using same recipe as before. I guess improving my folding skill over past few years which make a different