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Since Feb'2012, I have not done much baking and stop accepting orders due to family & work commitment. Some of the posts that published in the later date are actually those that I baked for my family members....

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Castle Birthday Cake

Instead of buying normal birthday cake from some cake shop for my son's birthday, I decided to bake him one myself this year. Honestly, this is my first time making birthday cake (after taking some baking lessons). It took me a day to do the creaming & decoration in an air-con room. Anyway, he was happy with the castle cake, which gave him a very different birthday experience this year

Santa Claus Almond Cookie

My first try in making Santa Claus cookie for my kids. There is still room for improvement.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Valentine heart-shape Cookie

In preparing for the forthcomimg valentine day for my family, I baked some heart shape cookies a few days ago to give them a surprise. These cookies are decorated with royal icing in different designs and colour combinations.

Walnut Cake

Walnut cake, my all time favourite...... I used to buy this from famous cake shop. Since I attended baking course few months ago, I would like to say that I enjoy eating own baked walnut cake (lots of walnuts). It is soft & light, and good walnut fragant smell....

Chocolate Walnut Cake

After reading through few recipe books for making chocolate brownies, I chose one recipe which is quite rich in chocolate and did some adjustment in recipe ingredients. And guess what... it turned out that all my family members are loving it so much. I gave some to my neighbour and they liked the richness of the cake.

Cupcakes with chocolate fudge topping

Jessie asked me to make some nice cupcakes for her office's charity sale. She wanted something different, not the usual ones with a lot of cream. Try coating the cakes with chocolate and it turns out beautifully. Even my children are tempted to take a bite while we were working on the decor!

Jessie was very pleased with the outcome. She told me that the cupcakes were sold off within an hour. The customers were first attracted by the vibrantly coloured designs and thought it is an ornament. When told that it is in fact a cupcake, they are pleasantly surprised. All decided to buy a box to try out. They like the slightly moist texture which blends well with the chocolate.

Breadman cookie for Christmas

I tried getting something special for my child's christmas celebration in school but without much success. Hence decided to bake some cookies for her. She chose the above christmas designs for her classmates and instead of ginger bread, have used almond instead as it is more suitable for kids' taste. 

There was a lot of work needed in preparing the dough & royal icing as well as piping the designs.  However, the efforts are well paid off when you see the little children happily munching the cookies.